Leadership & Legacy

February 29, 2020
10am - 5pm
Stern Auditorium/Perelman Stage at Carnegie Hall

With extraordinary speakers, multimedia and surprise VIP guests, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of America’s unique brand of leadership, forged through a history of disruption and deeply rooted idealism. This day will change the way you look at history.

Take a peek at some of the panels we have lined up, and check back soon for a full schedule.

The Alchemy Of Leadership

Are great leaders born or made? And what balance of traits separates the good from the great? History provides examples from across a wide range of backgrounds and fields –from business moguls to artists, journalists to politicians; many of whom challenge our preconceived notions and thinking about who we choose to emulate.

A Different Perspective

Get an intimate, behind-the-scenes portrait of leadership through the lens of former White House photographer, Pete Souza, who had unprecedented access to former Presidents Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama.

A Check On Power: The Presidency And The Press

It’s been said that journalists write the first draft of history; doggedly pressing for the truth and exposing abuses of power. We’ll hear from veteran reporters who’ve spent decades stalking the halls of power, witnessing firsthand the historic highs and debilitating lows of those who’ve held the highest office in the land. As the idea of journalism itself comes under fire, these legendary figures shed light on the ever-changing, ever-important role of the media.

All programming is subject to change.